Springer Nature and Babraham Research Campus partnership looking to bring business journal subscriptions to you at discounted rates


Babraham Research Campus has partnered up with Springer Nature to offer you the chance to qualify to subscribe to Nature, the leading multidisciplinary journal, at a reduced introductory rate. With the additional potential to unlock further discounts and host dedicated workshops down the line.

Leading life sciences companies and health organizations around the world choose Springer Nature as a trusted source to support their research efforts in drug discovery, development and delivery, in order to advance the health and well-being of the global population. Popular journals these companies are using on a daily basis include Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Nature Biotechnology and Nature Genetics.

Guarantee your compliance at Babraham Research Campus
A university or personal subscription to Springer Nature research comes with different terms of use than a business subscription. When your company subscribes to Springer Nature publications, you can rest assured that your license terms & conditions permit the use of Springer Nature publications to support your business’ R&D.

Qualifying at a reduced introductory rate
Springer Nature subscriptions can be a costly investment for small businesses. If Babraham Research Campus were to secure special discounts like the following set out as an example for our tenants, would you be interested in subscribing?

For illustrative purposes only at this stage:

If 35 new companies from the campus signed up to a Nature subscription then the following maximum discount can be secured:

  • Nature Subscription (1 year of access) ~£2472   
    • Discount ~53%
  • ~25-50% discounts on other journals and database products
  • This pricing would apply for new Springer Nature customers only, and for companies with <50 FTE globally.

If you could kindly complete this survey (it will take no more than a minute or so of your time) by 20th September 2021, it would help us to determine how familiar you are with Springer Nature products, gage interest and how best we proceed from here in this new partnership.