Crescendo Biologics expands collaboration with Takeda


Crescendo Biologics has expanded its collaboration with Takeda after achieving its sixth technical milestone.

The expansion gives Takeda access to a range of Crescendo’s half-life extension Humabodies for use with two programmes - licensed in November 2018 and July 2019 - and future Humabody programmes Takeda licenses during the collaboration.

Theodora Harold, CEO of Crescendo, said: “Crescendo has again demonstrated its ability to deliver differentiated Humabody molecules against specific targets selected by Takeda, on schedule.

“The expansion of our collaboration, together with the achievement of this sixth milestone, further validates the excellent work being done at Crescendo to progress the next generation of differentiated cancer therapies.”

Loïc Vincent, head of the oncology drug discovery unit at Takeda added: “Our fruitful collaboration with Crescendo continues to show great progress.

“We are delighted to expand our work together, drawing on Takeda’s vast oncology drug discovery experience and Crescendo’s expertise in developing optimally constructed Humabody molecules to quickly advance novel therapeutics with transformative treatment potential towards the clinic.”

Humabodies are the smallest part of an antibody capable of specific antigen binding. At about a tenth the size of a standard antibody, they enable better tissue accumulation and penetration and they can also be multifunctional.

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Article published on: 16.12.20


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