Atelerix expands availability in Asia


We are delighted to announce our partnering with key distributors in Asia: Cosmo Bio, Biogenuix and XP Biomed.

Atelerix announce the signing of distributor agreements with three established and renowned distributors in Asia, and who are now responsible for serving Atelerix’s customers in Japan, India and China. All three companies embody Atelerix’s core principles of providing innovative life science products, with outstanding customer support.

“Atelerix’s unique hydrogel, used for the encapsulation of biological material, has many applications within a large customer base, so working with these partners ensures that we can support our customers locally and with a high degree of technical support” said Sanj Kumar, CBO of Atelerix.  “We are delighted that they agreed to partner with us, and look forward to a long and productive working relationship.”

In their own words:

Cosmo Bio
Cosmo Bio provides the most up-to-date products and technical information available from world-class manufacturers, to laboratories, research institutes, life-science education and testing organizations throughout Japan and around the world.

Please visit our distributor page for more information.

Biogenuix was founded in 2004, as a Lifescience and Clinical Diagnostics company
based out of New Delhi, and has been working with leading MNC’s as well as with 

smaller technology focused companies, providing a professionally managed national distribution channel in India that offers full market access, highest level of customer support and reliable logistics for perishable & regulated products across the
Indian region. Biogenuix operates in the following markets:

– Clinical Diagnostics
– Lifesciences Research
– Biobanking & Regenerative Medicine
– Bioprocessing & Quality Management

Please visit our distributor page for more information.

XP Biomed
XP Biomed was established in 2005 and located in Shanghai, China. Their mission is to introduce new brands and products, with a special emphasis on Cell Therapy, 3D culture and Exosome studies into China market. Our distribution network covers 80% of the geographical area.

Please visit our distributor page for more information.


Article sourced from: https://www.atelerix.co.uk/atelerix-expands-availability-in-asia/
Published on: 16.06.2020

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