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Sam Barker

BD & Alliance Manager, PhoreMost Ltd

Sam Barker is the Business Development and Alliance Manager at PhoreMost Ltd.

Sam joined PhoreMost in 2016 as a scientist in the drug discovery team and worked across a variety of projects designing and developing new assays to screen for novel targets using the SITESEEKER platform, and to take these targets into small molecule drug discovery.

Deciding to take a step away from the bench, Sam took on the role of BD & Alliance Manager in 2018 where he is responsible for PhoreMost’s commercial collaborations, business development and project management of PhoreMost’s immuno-oncology drug discovery programmes.

Prior to joining PhoreMost, Sam gained his PhD from the University of Exeter in where he worked in collaboration with DSTL Porton Down and the Drug Discovery Unit at the University of Dundee to discover new anti-infectives targeted towards multi-drug tolerant bacterial infection driven by ‘persister cells’.

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