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Peju Oshisanya

Director, Clinical Programme Leader

Peju has worked in the clinical research industry for over 15 years during which she has acquired wide-ranging experience relating to strategic clinical programme leadership, planning and management of clinical trials with responsibility for global clinical programmes. She started her career working in early drug discovery and exploratory phase focused on the transition of early stage assets to clinical development. Following this, she moved into project management responsible for the operational delivery of key clinical programmes within Eli Lilly, Sanofi Aventis and Pfizer.

At Takeda, as a senior clinical programme manager, she was responsible for the operational execution ofa number of pivotal registration clinical programmes and  a large Life Cycle Management programme within Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) of over $500M;  providing oversight of day to day running of the programme and line extension activities, development of the recruitment and retention strategy, KOL and patient advocacy group engagement and stakeholder management (both internally and externally)

After gaining extensive experience with major pharmaceutical organisations, Peju moved her career to working with start-up organisations and biotechs. In her current role at BenevolentAI as director of programme management, she is responsible for driving the asset strategy to maximise the value of both early and late phase drug development programmes in a pioneering start-up that harnesses artificial intelligence to accelerate and enhance scientific discovery.

Peju is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in data generation in clinical research and is passionate about raising awareness about the importance of including a more diverse population in research and the potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence in enabling this.

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