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Charli Batley

Director of Operations, PhoreMost Ltd

Having completed my PhD in Biochemistry at Reading, I very quickly decided that research was not for me. I became a sales rep, where I met Chris Torrance just after he had started Horizon Discovery. I worked for free for two weeks to demonstrate my entrepreneurial credentials, then he took me on – first as Lab Manager, then QC Team Leader, then Purchasing Manager then Group Purchasing Manager when the company went global. To keep my brain going, I also dabbled in Innovate and EU Grant applications and administration, running 5 FP7 and 2 Innovate simultaneously and passing a dreaded EU audit with flying colours. As employee 3 in a log-growth company, I was lucky enough to be exposed to all areas of start-up life – and I was hooked!

In 2015 I left Horizon for another Torrance Start-up, PhoreMost – where I have been Operations Director. I am hoping to advise my mentees in all areas of Operations including the post funding admin stages e.g. EIS/EMI, also HR, accounting, project management - as well as helping them with grant applications and administration.

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