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Abel Ureta-Vidal

Investment Director, CMS Ventures

With decades of experience in Life Sciences and Digital fields and a scientific background in molecular biology and immunovirology (PhD from the Pasteur Institute, France), I first got to grips with bioinformatics tools and code in the early 90s whilst working on viral phylogenetic studies.

After my PhD, I joined the effort at Genoscope (Evry, France) in ramping up the human genome project, putting in place the automatic gene annotation system for human chromosome 14. In 2001, I moved to the European Bioinformatics Institute (Cambridge, UK) where I led the Ensembl comparative genomics team until 2007 under Ewan Birney’s direct leadership.

I then founded Eagle Genomics shortly before graduating from the Cambridge Judge Business School MBA program in 2008. For the 12 years of that journey, I have been a driving force within the executive team at Eagle Genomics, supporting the strategy and partnership activities as well as setting up a world-class company operation able to adapt to market demand. This has enabled the company to sustain its growth and extend its activities horizontally from the traditional pharma/biotech sector into sectors as diverse as plant breeding, animal health, consumer goods and food safety

Since April 2020, I'm Investment Director at CMS Ventures bringing my entrepreneurial experience, Life Sciences & Digital expertise to unearth the most exciting and innovative startups in the UK ecosystem. I have not completely abandoned the entrepreneurial path and I continue to be involved in mentoring startups and coaching founders in my close network as well as getting involved in some of them more formally in stealth mode at the moment.

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