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Kai Stoeber

VP, Global Innovation, Shionogi

Kai Stoeber is VP, Global Innovation at Shionogi Europe. He received his MSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Bonn and his PhD from the University of Cambridge. In academia he had successful tenures at Cambridge and UCL where his research focused on cell-cycle control of DNA replication and cell division. He identified new drug targets and cancer biomarkers commercially developed by start-up and biopharmaceutical companies. He is an advocate for open innovation and open science, is experienced in establishing and coordinating private-public partnerships, and has led projects designed to accelerate research towards medical advancements by forging close collaborative academia-industry interactions. In his current role he works with senior executives in Osaka, Japan, to define and deliver Shionogi’s global external innovation strategy. His focus lies on broadening external networks towards integrated research collaborations across core therapeutic areas with key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem. He identifies and evaluates horizon technologies and new targets or molecules from external sources, develops technology road maps, and engages in preclinical liaison for drug development programs.

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