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Accelerate@Babraham 2019: Meet the Finalists

The second Accelerate@Babraham competition has elicited a great response and after a lengthy, initial selection process, our highly experienced investment committee has narrowed the applications down to a final list of eight, all of whom will present to the judging panel at the competition final on Wednesday, 15th May.

Our eight finalists come from London, Cambridge and the US and cover the field of therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices and manufacturing. 

Of these eight, up to five winners will be chosen to take part in the second Accelerate@Babraham programme, starting here in September. Find out more about our eight finalists below.


CCBio are harnessing the power of synthetic biology to develop exquisitely specific antimicrobials for the treatment of urogenital/vaginal pathogens, transforming the treatment of infections which affect millions of women worldwide.


MicrofluidX develops a closed, fully scalable automated bioprocessing platform, based on microfluidics, targeted at large-scale advanced therapy manufacturing, in partnership with the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult and Centre for Process Innovation.


Pregenerate accelerates drug development and personalized medicine for arthritis using our proprietary cartilage on a chip technology to empower better therapies for humans and animals.


QBio are developing a novel molecular diagnostic test and pioneering platform to deliver personalised antibiotics. Faster.

Reflection Therapeutics

Reflection Therapeutics is creating a first in class treatment for motor neurone disease.  We will protect motor neurons from an overactive immune system, prolonging their function and delaying disease progression.

Shift Bioscience

Shift Bioscience is a pre-clinical drug discovery and development company extending healthy lifespan by targeting root causes of aging.


Subcode map and quantitatively measure changes in interaction networks underlying cellular information processing for drug discovery and diagnostics to help cure diseases.

TroMega Therapeutics

TroMega Therapeutics develops small molecules that change the activity of Tropomyosin4. They change the number of blood platelets and are novel drugs for diseases like Essential Thrombocythaemia and Cardiovascular disease.

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