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Scientific Facilities & Campus Services

BBT provides access to the Technology Development Laboratory (TDL) as well as a comprehensive range of administrative, IT and corporate services. The world-class research and scientific facilities of the Babraham Institute are managed by Babraham Institute Enterprise Ltd.

Campus Services
Babraham Campus

The Technology Development Laboratory (TDL) can provide bench space, access to equipment and expertise to allow the client’s staff to undertake the work themselves, or the client can take advantage of the TDL’s scientific team to provide fee-based scientific development services.


Access to Cat I and II facilities

Campus Services
Computing Support,
Health & Safety / Biosafety,
Security, Stores, Nursery,
Phones, Fax & Postal Services,
Refectory & Coffee shop,
Gymnasium, Bar,
Waste Disposal

Scientific Facilities
Imaging, Biological Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Epigenomics, Flow Cytometry, Gene Targeting, Sequencing and Lipidomics facilities are managed by




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