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Abzena Plc


Antitope Ltd

Antitope Limited

Antitope is pioneering a new generation of immunogenicity testing and protein engineering technologies. Their mission is to apply these technologies to create improved non-immunogenic biologics.

Artios Pharma

Artios Pharma

Artios Pharma is a biotech specialising in DNA damage response (DDR) as a therapeutic area for novel cancer treatments. The company recently raised £25million in a Series A investment from several venture capital and corporate venture companies. The finance is to build a pipeline of DDR products particularly through its relationship with Cancer Research UK, from which it has in-licenced from the CRUK technology arm (CRT) two DNA repair programmes in oncology. Artios is also identifying other DNA repair target opportunities from academia and industry across Europe and the world to add into its portfolio of drug discovery programmes.

Bicycle Therapeutics Ltd

Bicycle Therapeutics Limited

Bicycle Therapeutics is a newly formed biotechnology company developing a novel technology for the creation of a new generation of biotherapeutics. Bicycle technology utilises biological selection techniques to select and optimise peptides with high binding affinities which are constrained by an organo-chemical scaffold. This enables the creation of novel molecules which combine the desirable features of small molecules and biopharmaceuticals. The technology is based on the work performed at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge by the scientific founders of the company, Prof. Christian Heinis and Prof. Sir Gregory Winter.

Bicycle Therapeutics Ltd

Biosceptre International (Biosceptre UK Limited)

Biosceptre International is a public, unlisted biotechnology company based in Sydney, Australia and Cambridge, UK. Biosceptre is developing and commercializing antibody technologies to address a wide range of applications in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
P2X7 is a major cellular receptor responsible for normal programmed cell death. Biosceptre’s technology is based on the fundamental discovery of a subtly changed form of P2X7 that is found on all solid cancer cells, but never on normal cells and acts as a key driver for malignancy. Biosceptre has developed and patented a range of polyclonal, monoclonal and domain antibodies that bind to the non-functional form of P2X7 (nf-P2X7) on cancer cells, but not to normal P2X7.
Biosceptre is also working with collaborators on developing other technologies such as the clinical use of dendritic cell vaccinations against our novel target.


Cambimune is a biotechnology company focused on the research, development and commercialisation of innovative biologicals and other biomedical technologies


Cambivac® Ltd researches, develops and out-licenses innovative vaccine technologies. We benefit from a close relationship with the University of Cambridge which facilitates our aims of bringing together world class expertise in the fields of traditional virology, modern genomics and molecular vaccine approaches. We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach towards providing novel solutions to current and emerging disease challenges; particularly well suited to zoonotic disease challenges which are of ever increasing importance - given the fact that 75% of emerging human diseases are zoonotic.


Cambridge Epigenetix Ltd

Cambridge Epigenetix (CEGX) is a biosciences company that aims to be the world leading provider of high quality, easy to use epigenetic tools. Their flagship product is TrueMethyl™ oxidative bisulfite sequencing (oxBS-Seq), a novel technology that pioneers quantitative, single-base resolution sequencing of the modified bases hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) and methylcytosine (5mC).

Cambridge Partnership

The Cambridge Partnership (TCP)

The Cambridge Partnership (TCP) offers a company management service, specifically tailored for biotech companies, that takes care of routine corporate affairs, financial control and administration. TCP provides a range of book keeping, management accounting services and administrative support as well as provision of company secretarial services. TCP also provides experienced project managers by the hour or for a year – all with extensive specialist expertise in the pharmaceutical sector. Other additional core services covering all the essentials to keep a company running can be arranged through our selected partners which include website design, IT services, and intellectual property portfolio management all of which are designed specifically with needs of the biotech and pharmaceuticals sector in mind.

Cambridge Protein Arrays

Cambridge Protein Arrays Ltd

Cambridge Protein Arrays Ltd. is a biotech SME founded in 2010 by Dr Mike Taussig, based on our strong academic roots are in the fields of protein arrays and protein affinity reagents. We offer products and services in the area of protein microarrays. We are the exclusive European distributors and service providers for HuProt™ human proteome microarrays, the largest human protein arrays available, with more than 19,000 human proteins, representing more than 15,000 human genes on a single slide. Applications of HuProt™ arrays include screening of antibody specificity, autoimmune profiling, protein interactomics and small molecule interactions.

Cambridge Protein Works

Cambridge Protein Works Ltd

Cambridge Protein Works produce pure proteins for research professionals in industry and academia, saving our customers the considerable effort, time and cost of protein expression and purification. Our ProteinWorks catalogue, and the flexibility afforded by CustomWorks allows our customers to obtain the precise protein reagents they require. Founded and managed by a team of structural biologists, we supply proteins of the highest quality and purity for use in life sciences research. The Cambridge ProteinWorks™ founding-team between them have more than 100 publications in high impact journals relating to protein structure and function, and have been responsible for a number of landmark discoveries. We also offer sample preparation for NMR spectroscopy (NMRexpress) and X-ray crystallography (CrystalWorks), as well as a custom protein design and manufacture service, CustomWorks.


Cancer Research UK Therapeutic Discovery Labs

Cancer Research UK's Therapeutic Discovery Laboratories (CRUK-TDL), formerly CRT Discovery Laboratories, is the in-house Cancer Research UK drug discovery unit with a principal focus on establishing and prosecuting biologically-themed multi-project alliances with industry. Our expertise spans cancer target validation and disease positioning, immunology, assay development and HTS, protein crystallography, medicinal chemistry, PK-PD and cancer models. Through our alliance approach, we align these key skills with internationally competitive academic research and the development capabilities of industry partners to maximise cancer patient benefit. More information on CRUK-TDL can be found at

Cell Guidance Systems

Cell Guidance Systems Ltd

Cell Guidance Systems offers services and products for life science research. We focus on the field of regenerative medicine. In addition to reagents for stem cell research (growth factors, small molecules, cell culture media) we also offer a growing list of products for exosome research. We continue to invest significant resources in R&D activities and have ongoing programmes of research in exosomes, cell culture media and growth factors. Key products include Pluripro®, LiveLight™ photostable media, and Exo-spin™.


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Convergence Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Convergence Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Convergence Pharmaceuticals is focused on the development of novel analgesics with commercially attractive efficacy, responder-rate and side effect profiles. The Company is an independent biotechnology company which was formed in October 2010 following the acquisition of clinical assets from GlaxoSmithKline. Convergence Pharmaceuticals’ pipeline of differentiated clinical-stage compounds targets the points of convergence in chronic pain signaling through modulation of specific ion-channels. The Company is well funded and raised $35.4 million (£22.4 million) in Series A financing from a syndicate of leading European and US VCs. Convergence Pharmaceuticals’ management team is led by Clive Dix, Chief Executive Officer (ex PowderMed, PowderJect, Glaxo Wellcome), Simon Tate, Chief Scientific Officer (ex GSK) and Brenda Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer (ex PowderMed, PowderJect, Pfizer). The team collectively has extensive experience in leading successful biotech ventures and in drug development.

Correcta4 Bio Limited

Crescendo Biologics Ltd

Crescendo Biologics Ltd

Crescendo Biologics is building a pipeline of novel medicines based on its highly innovative VH antibody fragment platform through both in-house development and strategic partnerships. Crescendo’s proprietary VH technology produces human heavy chain-only antibodies in the transgenic Crescendo Mouse providing a unique source of fully human VH fragments that have matured in vivo to have high affinity, stability and solubility. VH fragments are the smallest antibody fragments that retain binding affinity and specificity offering the potential to generate novel products with improved drug-like properties and able to address unmet medical needs.

Crescendo’s technologies originated from discoveries by scientists at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge (UK). The company has raised funding totalling £7.7 million from an investment consortium led by Sofinnova Partners with Avlar BioVentures, Babraham Bioscience Technologies, and the Rainbow Seed Fund.

CS Genetics Ltd

CS Genetics Ltd

CS Genetics is developing Coding Strand Sequencing: a platform for instrument-free, solution-phase nucleic acid indexing.

Cypralis Ltd

Cypralis Ltd

Cypralis is a drug discovery company focused on delivering novel, selective inhibitors of cyclophilins as new treatments for acute and chronic degenerative diseases. Cyclophilin D is a critical member of the Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore (MPTP) complex.

DefiniGEN Ltd

DefiniGEN Ltd

Providing industrial quantities of human liver cells for preclinical drug development and disease modelling applications using human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell hIPSC technology.

DiagNodus Ltd

DiagNodus Ltd

DiagNodus is a biomedical company, the principal direction of which is the development of a new non-invasive approach to colorectal cancer screening based upon introduction of an innovative rapid ‘point of care’ test. The company works on several versions of the product, some of which may also be applicable for non-invasive testing for a wider range of gastrointestinal conditions aiming improved disease detection, differential diagnosis and monitoring.


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Epsilon-3 Bio

Epsilon-3 Bio Limited is a preclinical stage company with investment from Index Ventures, Novo Ventures and Imperial Innovations. The company is focused on the efficient development of first in class drug candidates stimulating safe removal of cellular debris.  Such agents are expected to provide a useful treatment for a wide range of diseases including inflammation and autoimmunity, neurodegeneration, fibrosis and cancer.

F Star

F-star develops bispecific antibody products to improve the treatment of serious diseases. F-star is the only biopharmaceutical company creating bispecific antibodies by modifying the constant region of an antibody. Our Modular Antibody Technology offers unprecedented ease in the development and manufacturing of bispecific antibody products.


Immunobiology Ltd

ImmunoBiology Limited (ImmBio) is a biotechnology company developing the next generation of vaccines for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases by applying its proprietary HspC™ vaccine technology platform to development of breakthrough products.

Innova Biosciences

Innova Biosciences Ltd

Innova Biosciences, based in Cambridge, UK, specialises in providing highly effective solutions for all your bioconjugation challenges. Problems such as poor yield, batch to batch variation and low sensitivity are all overcome by using our core labelling technologies of Lightning-Link®, InnovaCoat® and Thunder-Link®.

These technologies simplify labelling of antibodies and other proteins to enzymes, fluorescent dyes, gold nanoparticles and oligonucleotides, and are suitable for both small scale R&D and large scale manufacturing.

In addition to our extensive range of conjugation kits we are pleased to offer bespoke solutions for custom manufacturing of your conjugate needs, directly accessing the expertise of our specialists.

Kymab Ltd

Kymab Ltd

Kymab is using embryonic stem cell technology to develop its Kymouse™ platform, which encompasses the entire diversity of the B lymphocyte component of the human immune system. This will allow the discovery of highly selective, potent and well-tolerated monoclonal antibody-based biopharmaceuticals. These new drugs will include best-in-class antibodies directed against clinically precedented drug targets and first-in-class drugs against novel targets.


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MISSION Therapeutics

Mission Therapeutics Ltd

Mission Therapeutics is a private drug discovery and development company focused on selectively targeting deubiquitylating enzymes to treat cancers, neurodegenerative and other diseases. Mission has established a broadly-applicable DUB inhibitor platform that is enabling the pursuit of multiple DUB inhibitor programs, including USP30 (improves mitophagy) and USP7 (immuno-oncology). It has raised a total of $125M from investors Imperial Innovations Businesses LLP, Sofinnova Partners, SR One, Roche Venture Fund, Pfizer Venture Investments and Woodford Patient Capital Trust Plc.

Morphogen-IX Ltd

Morphogen-IX Ltd

MORPHOGEN-IX Limited is a drug discovery company founded in 2015 by Index Ventures to develop bone morphogenetic proteins as a novel therapy for the treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension.  The scientific rationale is based on research conducted by Professor Morrell’s team at the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Centre of Research Excellence at the University of Cambridge. 

Mote Research

Mote Research Ltd

Mote Research is committed to the development and application of a new generation of tools for genome editing in humans.

Nemesis Bioscience

Nemesis Bioscience Ltd

Nemesis Bioscience has designed, and is developing, pioneering technologies that will resurrect anti-microbial therapies made ineffective by increasing microbial resistance.

These unique therapeutics will impact one of the world's most significant clinical problems by not only treating antibiotic resistant infections, but also by preventing them in susceptible patients.

New Path Molecular

New Path Molecular specialises in the chemical synthesis of complex functional molecules using the cutting edge techniques, methods and instrumentation developed in the laboratories of Prof Steve Ley at the University of Cambridge. Our processes and molecules are being used to validate biological processes and produce products globally.


Phoremost Ltd

PhoreMost is a new-model drug discovery company based in Cambridge, UK: Using its core expertise to open up new ‘druggable’ target space and working with a global network of co-invested academic and industrial collaboration partners, we aim to bring a wide array of novel ‘targeted’ therapies more efficiently to market and pass these cost savings onto patients. 

PhoreMost is aiming to remove barriers to new drug development with its novel SiteSeeker technology, a live-cell phenotypic assay system that can rapidly identify unexpected, or “cryptic” druggable sites in specific disease driving targets and pathways that can’t be readily seen using conventional non-cell based analytical methods. 

Phico Therapeutics

PolyTherics Ltd


PredictImmune Limited


Proximagen Ltd

Proximagen Limited is focused on the development and commercialisation of novel therapeutics for diseases of the CNS, neuroinflammation/inflammation and oncology. The Company is developin a broad pipeline of drug candidate programmes and has plans for substantial future growth through acquiring and developing innovative drug candidate programmes. The Company's strong balance sheet makes Proximagen one of the best capitalised biotechnology companies in the UK.


Quethera Ltd

Quethera is a research and development gene therapy company with a focus on high prevalence ophthalmic diseases. Our main focus currently is glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide, but our approach is also relevant to several other common eye diseases.

Rapid Biosensor Systems Ltd

Rapid Biosensor Systems Ltd

Rapid Biosensor Systems Ltd is an innovative technology and business development Company with experience in development and commercial exploitation of IPR for rapid screening infectious diseases. Their skills are in business management, technology development, photonics, biochemistry, and medical consultancy. RBS can assist with the concepts right through to production. Their first product is a "Breathalyser" style device for screening Tuberculosis (TB) at the Point-of-Test. The product is designed to be small, rugged, simple to use and low cost. Furthermore, the device minimizes both the need for training and the risk of infection of the operator.

R.A.T Ltd

Roslin Cells

Roslin Cells is a leader in the development and manufacture of cell therapies. Our products can act as a valuable tool in supporting clients' drug discovery, development and clinical research programmes. Our aim here in Cambridge is to establish a European Bank for induced pluripotent Stem cells (EBiSC) with support from the IMI. The EBISC iPS cell bank will act as a central storage and distribution facility for human iPS cells, to be used by researchers across academia and industry in the study of disease and the development of new treatments for them. Conceptualized and coordinated by Pfizer Ltd in Cambridge, UK and managed by Roslin Cells Ltd in Edinburgh, the EBiSC bank aims to become the European "go to" resource for high quality research grade human iPS cells.


RxCelerate Ltd

RxCelerate is an out-sourced drug development company, delivering complete preclinical drug development programmes and project management for virtual and semi-virtual companies. Our services include routine animal models of human diseases, toxicology and ADME studies. We offer innovative experimental designs (combining efficacy, toxicology and pharmacokinetic end-points in one study or using multivariate statistical frameworks to examine multiple end-points in a single study design) coupled with more than 20 years experience of drug discovery and development. RxCelerate delivers cutting-edge development capability at the same time as cutting costs and timelines to client companies large and small.


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Sphere Fluidics Logo

Sphere Fluidics Ltd

Sphere Fluidics has developed a new technology platform for single cell analysis and characterisation which enables the discovery and development of new biopharmaceuticals and novel ways to study single cell diseases, e.g. cancer.
The Company has patented novel biochip systems that automatically process tens of millions of miniaturised tests in picodroplets. Sphere Fluidics can find that rare “one in a million” molecule or cell that could be an industry blockbuster. Compared to conventional approaches, our technology is very fast and miniaturised - offering tremendous cost-savings.

Storm Therapeutics

STORM Therapeutics is a University of Cambridge spin-out, translating the ground breaking work of Professors Tony Kouzarides and Eric Miska in RNA epigenetics into the discovery of small molecule drugs to treat cancer and other diseases. It is the world's first company to focus on modulating RNA modifying enzymes and has progressed the founding discovery programmes rapidly to screening and early chemistry.

STORM Therapeutics is backed by blue chip investors Cambridge Innovation Capital, Merck Ventures, Pfizer Ventures and Touchstone Innovations, who share the founders’ ambitions to build a world-leading company by “harnessing the power of RNA epigenetics”. The company raised £12 million series A funding in June 2016 and has an experienced management team led by CEO Keith Blundy (formerly CEO of Cancer Research Technology).


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Talisman Therapeutics

Talisman Therapeutics Ltd

Talisman Therapeutics Ltd is a human stem cell drug discovery company. We are committed to revolutionising the discovery of treatments for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Our novel human stem cell models of AD provide a transformative platform for rapid and relevant compound identification, which significantly accelerate drug discovery. Talisman’s primary goal is the exploitation of these systems to identify novel pharmacological treatments for Alzheimer’s disease initiation and progression through our in-house drug discovery programme. We also work with other organisations, on a collaborative basis, to maximise the impact of our own and their research and development activities. We collaborate with other organisations to assist with their drug discovery efforts. Partners include large pharmaceutical companies, small biotech businesses and universities. 

Touchstone Innovations

Touchstone Innovations

Innovations creates, builds and invests in pioneering university technologies addressing global problems in healthcare, energy, engineering and the environment.  It combines deep understanding of science and technology with commercial acumen and strong investment expertise.
Innovations supports scientist-entrepreneurs in the commercialisation of their ideas by:
-leading the formation of new companies and providing facilities in the early stages
-providing significant investment and encouraging co-investment to accelerate the transition from R&D to products
- providing operational expertise
- helping to recruit high-calibre industry figures and experienced entrepreneurs as executive management and Board members
Innovations invests in companies based on technologies from or associated with four universities: Imperial College London; and Cambridge University, Oxford University, and UCL supported by its collaborations with Cambridge Enterprise, OSEM and UCL Business. These are the UK’s leading research intensive universities, measured by research income.

Total Scientific Ltd

Total Scientific Ltd

Total Scientific is a contract research organisation with experience in all aspects of biomarker research, from identification of the biomarker using 'omics technology through independent assay design, development, optimisation and validation to multi-site clinical studies designed to validate or test biomarkers. However, in addition to these biomarker-related activities we can provide a large range of scientific expertise and consultancy relating to data management and biostatistics, multiplex technology and immunology.


TwistDx Ltd

Twist Dx Ltd is a company developing proprietary technology in the area of DNA amplifications and sequencing. Their novel approach to acquiring sequences from individual DNA strands, Direct Nucleic Acid Sequencing (DNAS), will permit the analysis of entire genomes in only days or hours. Twist Dx Ltd is also exploring novel and improved ways of amplifying target DNA sequences for applications in the life sciences.


XO1 Ltd

XO1 is a virtual company, developing ichorcumab - a novel anticoagulant that does not cause bleeding. Inappropriate blood clotting (thrombosis) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in, for example, strokes and heart attacks. Conventional anticoagulants reduce this harmful blood clotting, but do so at the cost of increasing bleeding risk. Ichorcumab is a synthetic version of a natural-occurring human anti-thrombin antibody that confers powerful anti-thrombotic effects but without preventing the normal blood clotting that stops bleeding. XO1, Business Weekly Start-Up of the Year 2014, is progressing ichorcumab into clinical trials as rapidly as possible through engagement of carefully selected service providers with specialist expertise in all the key areas of drug development.

Z Factor Limited

Z Factor Ltd

Z Factor Limited is a drug discovery company seeking novel therapeutic agents to treat alpha-1-antitrypsin (A1AT) deficiency. A1AT deficiency is a genetic disorder that affects around 1 in 2,000 people.

The most common disease-causing mutation is the Z-variant. Z-A1AT is fully functional when secreted, but most of the protein misfolds and accumulates in liver cells as polymers, resulting in early cirrhosis and also emphysema due to lack of function anti-trypsin activity in the lungs. Weekly injections with A1AT protein is the only current therapy.

Z Factor is exploiting unique structural insights from the laboratory of Professor Jim Huntington at the University of Cambridge to design small molecule chaperones that improve Z-A1AT folding and hence secretion. The company was founded in 2015 by Index Ventures, in collaboration with Cambridge Enterprise.


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